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People Are Messy, by award-winning playwright Judith Johnson, is a comedy drama examining the complexities of patient and public involvement through the eyes of two teenagers with very different ways of confronting a future made uncertain by a serious medical condition. Democracy, autonomy, personal responsibility and loss are all explored in this engaging, entertaining and accessible production. The play is followed by a facilitated debate, allowing the audience to further explore these issues.

Admission is free, but booking is required.

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Now touring ‘People are Messy’ by Judith Johnson

Vick comforts Jake
Jake thinks about his life
Doctor Callahan and Jake agree at last
Scenes from ‘People are Messy’ by Judith Johnson

‘People are Messy’ is a new play by award winning playwright Judith Johnson whose previous Theatre of Debate plays include ‘Starfish’, ‘Nobody lives For Ever’ and ‘Every Breath’ .

“This fabulous, entertaining and moving play goes to the heart of why involving patients and the public is so important to science and to society. It will appeal to audiences of all ages and will bring the issues to a whole new audience nationwide. I am very excited about its potential impact.” Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients and the Public

‘People are Messy’ now touring to schools and some public venues in London, Reading, Oxford, Surrey, Northampton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds targets students and adults aged 13 + and engages its audiences in an informed debate around Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) and the social and ethical issues that it raises.

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National Competition

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Scenes from ‘People are Messy’ by Judith Johnson

The National Institute for Health Research Oxford Biomedical Research Centre is sponsoring a national competition for pupils aged 13 -16 who have seen ‘People are Messy.’

Prizes – vouchers for a shop of your choice:

First prize: £300

Second prize: £200

Third prize: £100


New Theatre of Debate Production now in rehearsal

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Rehearsals for ‘People are Messy ‘
Anita Harris has joined the cast of ‘People are Messy’ to play Gran. The casting is now complete and rehearsals are underway.

Find out about the characters the actors will be playing.

Theatre of Debate Replay

Jeanette (Heather Bleasdale) gives Emerson (Petrice Jones) a brain scan.
Hayley (Sophie Gerrish)  confronts Jeannette (Heather Bleasdale).
Jeannette (Heather Bleasdale) tells Emerson(Petrice Jones) he may have a disorder.

Scenes from the film of a live performance of ‘Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges’ by Ben Musgrave

We have started producing high quality films of live performances of our Theatre of Debate productions. Why are we doing this? Touring is expensive and it is impossible for us to reach every school. By making our live performances available through film we can offer you and your students an on demand service for those of you who can't have a live performance, either because we aren't touring that production at the time or because we are not touring to your area. For those of you who have accessed a live performance we can offer you the opportunity of using selected scenes from the plays to trigger further debate after our visit to your school.

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